Yousuf: A Call for International Solidarity with Palestine, speech on 18.10.2023 in Prague

18. října 2023 | Yousuf

Projev Yousufa dne 18. 10. 2023 na pochodu Zastavme genocidu Gazy!, na kterém se šlo v Praze ze Staroměstského náměstí k Úřadu vlády a jehož tématem byla Spoluvina české politické reprezentace a médií. Další projevy zde.

International solidarity 

Fellow activists, moms, dads, siblings, people with love for justice, love for freedom, love for humanity, today’s march is not just a local movement; it’s a global outcry for justice. We stand here in unwavering solidarity, recognizing that our fight transcends borders. Together, we serve as the resounding voice for those whose cries have been muted by oppressive colonial violence. 

It is our duty to approach our lawmakers and demand immediate action, to compel them to cease their support for the horrifying destruction of innocent lives, especially the children who are the most vulnerable victims of this conflict.

We must assert with conviction that the policies of the Israeli government are the same to the practices of an apartheid state. This reality has been acknowledged not only by numerous human rights organizations but also by nelson Mandela who might know a thing or two about apartheid states, and also by our collective conscience, and it’s time for our governments to reflect this truth in their foreign policies.

We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the ongoing atrocities and the relentless bloodshed. We must raise our voices in unison, reminding our leaders that extending hands and shaking hands with hands of war criminals, whose hands are stained with blood, is an affront to humanity and justice itself.

Let us leverage our global unity,  protests from Washington D.C. to London, Istanbul to Vienna, and from Bangkok to Amman, Berlin to Brussels, and beyond. Our unified front serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards peace and justice. We must urge governments and international organizations to take concrete steps, to end the vicious cycle of apartheid, genocide, and ethnic cleansing. 

Let us be unequivocal in our condemnation of the gross imbalance of power in this conflict. When one side possesses the ability to cut off essential resources like water, electricity, and fuel, while wielding the most advanced weaponry to devastate entire communities under the guise of self-defense.  The world knows who is the oppressor and who is oppressed. 

When the world chants free palestine, and on the other side it is stand for Israel. The world knows who is the colonizer and who is colonized. Because palestine needs to be freed but not israel.  

People from all around the world came together in solidarity to call this out and call out the double standard of Western countries where they proudly show their humane and respect for human law when its their ally and turn a blind eye when it happens to their “enemy”. People who suffered oppression from all  around the world realize this oppression. 

Working class people joined the struggle, black liberation movements realized the struggle, jews from around the world gathered against the cruel state of israel, arabs around the world, immigrants, muslims, christians and activists and all the human rights organizations gathered all around the world and we join them to clarify and amplify our message, stop the cruel apartheid and the horrific occupation that has been going on for over 50 years, stop killing children and civilians, stop the hypocrisy, free Palestinians from the siege, free palestine from the ethnic cleansing, stop the second class citizenship, stop injustice inside and outside gaza and in the west bank, basically free all the Palestinians from any kind of oppression and let them live like human beings from the river to the sea. 

But most importantly right now our most urgent request is to ceasefire, STOP killing more civilians.

All of us are so angry and mad BUT we remind the whole world that anger is not hate, that anger that you see is all around the world is love, love for justice, love for humanity and love for freedom

The world wouldn’t know about these atrocities without the work of the brave journalists, covering what is happening on ground, journalists that despite their jackets and labels that clearly says press, they will still killed. The bullets of the occupation doesn’t know differentiate between a militant, civilian, medic, and a child. I will read out now the names of the 14 journalists killed JUST since 7th of October.

Lets not forget the 5,200 Palestinians killed and around 2200 of them are just children. 

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