Quiz: What do you know about (East) Jerusalem and beyond?

Česky zde — This quiz was prepared as part of our campaign against the Days of Jerusalem festival taking place in Pilsen 2015 European Capital of Culture and Prague. More info here.

1. What is the capital of Israel?
A) Jerusalem
B) Bethlehem
C) Tel Aviv

2. Jerusalem’s Old City with the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount are:
A) in Israel
B) in the occupied Palestinian territories
C) in Jordan

3. How many houses have been demolished in East Jerusalem since 1967?
A) 270
B) 52
C) 2 000

4. How many illegal Jewish settlements and settlers are there in East Jerusalem?
A) 5 settlements with 10 000 settlers
B) 7 settlements with 500 settlers
C) 15 settlements with 200 000 settlers

5. What percentage of the segregation wall goes into the occupied West Bank (i.e. disrespects the Green Line from 1949)?
A) 23 %
B) 7.5 %
C 85 %

6. An Israeli Jewish citizen can get married in Israel:
A. only to another Israeli citizen
B. only to a Jewish Israeli citizen
C. to anybody

7. How many Palestinians are there in Israeli prisons in administrative detention – i.e. without any accusation or a trial?
A) 15
B) 426
C) no one

8. When did the PLO recognize Israel?
A) In 1988 the Palestinian parliament in exile ”accepted the existence of Israel as a state in the region” and ”declared its rejection and condemnation of terrorism in all its forms.”
B) In 1993 in the letters between the PLO and the Israeli government which became a preamble of the Oslo records.
C) Never

9. Who recently said: “If I see artwork delegitimizing the state of Israel, I will censor it?”
A) Israeli minister of culture Miri Regev
B) An activist in the illegal settlement of Ariel in the West Bank
C) Principal of an art school in Jerusalem

10. The latest film by Amer Shomali The Wanted 18 describes a true story when Israel declared as “a national threat to the State of Israel”:
A) an 18-years-old Palestinian activist
B) a group of 18 radicals from Hamas
C) 18 cows from the West Bank

Made by: ism-czech.org | More info: Israeli human rights group btselem.org | UN ochaopt.org

Answers: 1 C | 2 B | 3 C | 4 C | 5 C | 6 B | 7 B | 8 A+B | 9 A | 10 C

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