Debatní klub: Ilan Pappé / Mojmír Kallus (video)

24. dubna 2013 | Debatní klub

Ilan Pappé is a professor of History and Political Science teaching at the University of Exeter in Great Britain, and a director of European Center for the Palestinian Studies. Professor Pappé will debate Mojmir Kallus who is a president of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem in Prague, known as ICEJ. A christian Zionist Kallus and a Jewish anti-Zionist Pappé will discuss moral and historical issues connected to the creation and existance of the Israeli state. This will also include a question of democracy in the Jewish state, which Ilan Pappe sees as an oxymoron. “You cannot have an apartheid, decades of a military occupation, discriminatory laws, policy of ongoing ethnic cleansing and call yourself a democracy,” says the Izraeli historian. Our guests will examine the past and possible future.

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